A few question roughly speaking the hymen...?

Can you break it from masturbating?
How bad does it hurt?

I to some extent tore my hymen when I was six - I fell past its sell-by date my bike. I tore it the rest of the way when I be 10 - masturbating with a candle. Didn't really hurt much at adjectives, just feel a sensation of something giving way, afterwards there be all this blood surrounded by my undies the next morning. Mom thought I have started my period, but I didn't carry that for another year or so.
Masturbating: NO

Tampons: NO

How bad: If the guy does it right, lone the first few seconds.
masturbating: its possible if you use a dependable type of toy
tampon: highly unlikely, but some women own very little perforation to their hymens so it could crop up, its just singular

if youre with a partner youre comfortable near and in pious health, the affliction should be minimal if at all existant
Actually the hymen can be broken by masturbating, tampons and diverse sports. the hymen is just a relatively sunken layer of tissue and can be broken surrounded by a variety of ways other that vaginal sex.
even if your hymen have broken, you are still a virgin if it wasn't by sex.

take a look at this site!
i hop i help
Masturbation will not affect it. Tampons probably won't either. It vary considerably among females; some have sex in need even noticing, others experience considerable twinge.
yes it can break from masturbating & tampons. My friend broke hers riding her bike.

And it doesn't hurt. its just similar to half a second of uncomfort. Besides your usually to joyful to notice.

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