Can honey aid a yeast infection?

i heard from several people that honey can relief a yeast infection. does it? and if so then why do you stipulation unsweetened yogurt to help. what i be told was that yeast feed off sugar so if you use yogurt, it must be unsweetened?

Honey DOES own antiseptic qualities, but I've never hear anything about intake it to help a yeast infection. It's true that a soaring sugar diet will make it worse.

Eat yogurt! That's the best item because they contain live cultures that help your vagina (and digestive system) bring the germs balance hindmost. You have with ease occuring bacterias in your vagina, but the Candida one "took over" so to speak. They enjoy new "Probiotic" yogurts, but I haven't hear much about them bar what they have out nearby for marketing. Stick to the yogurts you're used to. La Yogurt's pina coladas are awesome.

It doesn't have to be unsweetened- so guzzle your favorite ones because they all enjoy live and active cultures.
I read that today and it is right =it apparently help
I do not think so, the sugars within honey might make it worse. If you guzzle yogurt it might be good,
GREETINGS, no honey have no effect on yeast other than the sweetness sugar content isn't devout for it. Yogurt, cranberry juice are angelic for yeast.
No, but you could bake a loaf of bread:-)
As for drinking. Eat away. Honey, I dont know about, but yogort is devout because it colonizes your body forcing out unwanted microbes.

Or do you mean apply to where on earth the infection is? Honey will make it worse after, becuase yeast eats sugar.
The simple answer is your vagina is not a mouth and you should not put anything resembling honey into it. It the thing is that it can affect the PH symmetry inside and then you could really hold a problem . Your best advice is to do an over the counter medication or to see a doctor and own him/her prescribe the proper medication after making a diagnosis
no, but seeking treatment from a medical professional can. always use a condom.
I own never heard of using honey. I hold, however, heard of using unsweetened plain yogurt, and I in fact tried it once (I know it may seem a bit uncharacteristic, but I didn't have anything else on foot, and I read all roughly it before I did it). It worked for me too, in a day or two. Yougurt works because the yeast can aid restore balance contained by your vagina. I read that the best way to step about using yougurt is to pinch an empty plastic tampon applicator (like Kotex for example), flood it with unsweetened plain yogurt, and stick it surrounded by the freezer. When it's frozen, insert it just similar to you would a tampon. You might want to wear a pantiliner or pad while it's contained by. Weird as it may seem, it works.
Also, I read that simply intake yogurt may help too, because after you devour it, digest it, etc., the yeast may get from your anus to your vagina. But I read that contained by order for this to work, you hold to eat A LOT of yogurt.
Best wishes!

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