3 broken toes?

I think I broke 3 of my toes yesterday. They own swollen up reall bad, are blue, they hurt fearfully if someone just weakly touches them and my coach thinks they are broken. Im going to travel to the doctor tommarow but I was wondering what I should expect if they are broken. Can they buddy cartridge all 3 or will I stipulation a cast? Thanks

They will more than expected be buddy taped together. But they will probably also bestow you a 3D walking boot to sustain you be able to catch around better walking with smaller quantity pain and also if in attendance is alot of swelling. It is not a cast, it is something that you can cart off and on.

Depending on the location and severity of the toe fracture, the fracture may stipulation to be reduced (put back into place) and splinted besides tape together.

A cast may be needed if a bone contained by the foot or leg is broken in count to the toe.

Unfortunately you will not know until tomorrow and after x-rays are taken what will need to be done.

Best wishes.
it depends on how big the fracture is
if it go a certain bit into your foot
you will necessitate a cast
can you step on it without thesharp agony?
if you can you probably wont need a make
and you will onlyneed to buddy tape them
but three toes is alot!
also did it really hurt when you did this?
resembling were you needed to cry
because i hold a high tolerance for dull pain
and i cried when i broke t2o of my toes
my sister had a toe sweel big and turned an fantastic ugly black and blue color
but it wasnt broken

Good Luck!
Feel Better!
Broken toes are usually merely taped.

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