5 days PMS going nuts!?

i have have all the symptoms of PMS for 5 days immediately yet no term plz someone anyone know what to do im going nuts

first u need to harmony down ( breath in through ur muzzle and breath out through ur mouth).now remember that every woman has her crazy/psyhco days. Usually pms comes atleast a week formerly ur period( so dont worry "aunt flow" will come call in soon enough). There are lots of ways to ease ur pms:
#1-take a nice hot bubblebath w/ music and candles and .freshly relax
#2-go to the park for a slow walk(mild exercise can help ur body at ease down the hormones)
#3-sign up for a kickboxing class(u get to see and scearm all u want and general public dont look at u strangely...plus ur learning selfdefense too)
#4- invite some close friends over and hold a movie night(watch classics, comdeys, drama ect.) this keeps ur mind bad ur pms and reminds u that life can still be pleasurable
Good luck (oh...and go to youtube and scrutinize "Greg hits Hollywood" or Russelle Peters...these are both funny flims and definlty put u in a glad mood)
see about going on the pill to be regulated and cut down on the pains etc.
ably, do you think you are pregnant? are you trying to seize pregnant?
make an appointment next to your gyn. start tracking your menstrual cycle by week. show your doctor the results.
I'm not sure what you can do right now but here is this pill called sarafem. I hope I spelled that right ,anyways it is supposed to assist you with severe p.m.s. I took it for a while but It have some side effects that did a number on me.As far as the mood swings I would give this drug 2 thumbs up. It help me so much.I was never stressed out earlier my period anymore.I hoped I help a little.Hope you perceive better! Ask your doc about it.

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