Age of getting pregnant...?

What is the oldest age that it is, on average, safe to bring pregnant? I'm only almost 22 but I'm so arranged. My husband simply isn't. I want a baby so unpromising and I'm afraid when he is ready it will appropriate so long and I'll be too old. (Yes, I'm paranoid.)

So is 30 still not detrimental??

My mother was 35 when she have me.
I wouldn't wait longer than that.
My mom be 35 when she had me and I come into the world perfectly fine. You're still youthful. I know you want to have a child very inadequately, but it might be best if you wait...spend time next to your husband...just the two of you.
i deem 40 is the limit, after that it could grounds damage within the baby. ask your doctor. inhabitants still have fine babys at 50. i think you cant skulk for your husband
i say 25
After thirty is not dangerous. In fact, surrounded by some ways, it is better because you'll have more uncontrolled and financial resources by then. If you oops your husband, he will resent you and the child, and rightly so!
30 is fine to become pregnant, i would speak once you hit the 40s it may not be a good conception to become pregnant though, your 22 enjoy existence before you own children, explore the world, have fun and than start bringing up a nearest and dearest, i personally would linger to have children till more or less 25.
My mom was 35 when she have me. I'm normal and her pregnancy be too.
Yes, it's fine. My uncle was born when my grandmother be 40. Don't worry..sheesh. You can usually get pregnant as long as you are bleeding.
Honey I be 37 when I had my end child. She is now 15 and clean and happy. I have problems but that was because I have several medical issues before I get pregnant with her.

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