Polycystic ovarian syndrome!??!?!?

I am an 18 year old womanly. I experienced excess body hair growth in the region of 4 years ago. I have have acne for that long as well, or even longer. About two years ago, I saw growths of rock-hard lumps in the two sides contained by between the legs. These lumps would hurt when I touched them, but then after some time, they would not hurt any more and diminish contained by size. the thing is, these lumps kept on appearing and dissapearing, but they do not stir away completely. Could I have Polycystic ovarian syndrome? I do not own any menstrual period irregularities or any of the symptoms of this condition except those mentioned above. Could the frozen lumps (I still have them) be ovarian cysts? Please minister to me! I am soo scared right in a minute!!

The cyst from PCOD are small and in the ovaries. Ovarian cyst are different. However, sounds close to you may have PCOD check next to a doctor. Cushings also has similar symptoms hold them do test to role respectively out. Cushings, PCOS, or even Thyroid problems.
It is possible. I was diagnosed next to PCOS at the age of 21. Ovarian Cysts are inside the body on your ovaries. I would suggest going to see a gynecologist and having the appropriate test run to determine if this is the problem. They will most likely draw your blood and theory test your hormone levels during different times during your cycle. PCOS is a headache to live with if undiagnosed, and relatively unproblematic to manage near proper treatment. I would suggest going to soulcysters.com and researching this condition before going to your doctor. BE SURE TO ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS!!

Good Luck
the unyielding lumps you are talking nearly sound more approaching inguinal lymph nodes. you might have an infection surrounded by your legs(cuts and wounds) or in the vulva or some type of PID. more similar to some PID of long standing nature. see your gyne and receive it resolved.
The symptoms of PCOS include:

1. Irregular or no menstrual periods
2. Acne
3. Obesity, and
4. Excess quill growth
* weight gain,
* acne,
* fatty skin,
* dandruff,
* infertility,
* skin discolorations,
* high cholesterol level,
* elevated blood pressure, and
* abnormal quill growth and distribution.

Any of the above symptoms and signs may be absent within PCOS, with the exception of irregular or no menstrual period. All women with PCOS will enjoy irregular or no menstrual periods. Women who enjoy PCOS do not regularly ovulate; that is, they do not release an egg every month. This is why they do not hold regular periods.

The above be taken from medicinenet.com (http://www.medicinenet.com/polycystic_ov...

If you have regular period, you almost positively do NOT have PCOS. Acne and extra body fuzz may howver mean that you enjoy excess testosterone or other androgenic problems. If you are worried, get your hormones tested by an Endocrinologist. But know that at your age, various girls have acne and extra body hackle is normal =)
Have you be seen by an OBGYN? PCOS consists of multiple cysts that appear contained by a pearl like strand on your ovaries. They are singular seen via ultra nouns or laproscopy. These "lumps" you are discribing sound concerning. I deem you should call a gyno ASAP! PCOS does mete out acne and excess hair growth, however at your age, your hormones are adjectives out of control anyway and that can be a contributing factor. Also near PCOS, menstrual irregularities are almost always the bag. Good luck to you and I wish you the best.

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