2 question??Help!Girls merely!!?

Ok my first ? is i weigh 120 i am 12 turning 13 in october i am 5 foot 4 inches is this average substance for me?or do i need to loose shipment?my second ? is kinda weird but i obligation to know.I want to start using tampons but dont know how to how to tell my mom.when my friends invite me to move about swimming i usually have my time she has said i could try but i dont discern like going swimming(usually invited on first hours of daylight of period really desperate cramps)with all of the cramps plus i get hold of self concious about going through(i be a jacket aroud my waste or wear a skirt.so that cant see it).please give a hand me!

Hi im 13 and although im actully quite petite (i loathe the u need to chomp through more statements) most of my friends are 55kilos too ( soz that 120lb) and if ur getting ur periods ur probally more developed and that if habitually where the consignment is so dont u dare start trying to lose weight!

Secondly prehaps u should only ask. If it were me ego probally turn the tables a bit (its harder for them to win angry or refuse then) something close to " um mum what did u use when u were my age, is it out of danger for me to use tampons?" something like that ussuallly open up the conversation so u can plain out ask
im 'bout 5ft5 and i weight close to 108lbs, so i dink ur fine...not overweight or anything.as fot the tampons... i cant help u...lol...sry :(
Ok to start sour witht he weight, you're solidity is just the goal I believe so you probably maybe purely wanna make better food choices. To the other put somebody through the mill, just ask your mom and utter you go swimming plentifully in the summer and really entail to try them so you get used to them and not spinal column out on something really fun. Hope this helped! Good luck!! :-)
ya i guess thats averadge im 14 almost 15 wiegh 107 and am 5 foot close to 6 or 7 inches and people enunciate im too skinny

truthfully i would ask one of you friends thats what i did they can pretty much explain it just as virtuous as your parents can n its ALOT less akward
your for a time overweight

not a lot tho
first sour, you need to be comfortable near your weight, but never fixate about mortal thinner, prettier, taller etc. second, i am 5'4'', 125 lbs, and athletic. I have be that way since i be in 8th grade(12 years antediluvian.) If your parents aren't tall, probability are you are done growing, and you are at your adult size. My parents are small and my doctor told me i be done growing in 8th level. third, these people can't enlighten you if you need to lose cargo. if you are 5'4'' you could be very muscular, or you could own a higher percentage of body podginess. i know that my body weight and cooking oil percentage flucuate based on my stress rank, menstration, and other factors. overall, you only just need to be comforatble beside you. eat right, and be helpful. as long as you are doing that you will be fine.

about the tampons, address your mother on this issue. she will be your best backing. if nothing else, in attendance are instructions in the box. i used tampons the second time i get my period and i won't use a wipe ever again.

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