A sex interview?

Today, me and my girl were struck next to the romantic feeling. But when the sex come, she said that it hurt. It had never hurt her up to that time. We stopped having sex for roughly speaking 2 months because she developed a bladder infection but she is cured now and the doctor said it be ok to "do it". She said it felt close to I had grown another 7 inches. Which I know isn't true at adjectives. I am 17, she is 16. I told her that we should go put a bet on to the doctor, but I want to help any means of access I can because I love her so much. Is she going to be ok? Anyone know what is wrong?

Dyspareunia involves pain during intercourse, and it could be going on for a number of reason. One of the most likely cause is probably psychological...especially if she had distress during her bladder infection, she may (even subconsciously) be worried that it will hurt again. A woman's body naturally act to protect itself, so it constricts to keep foreign bodies out. Sometimes women develop vaginismus (sounds scarier than it is), which involves involuntary contractions of the vagina.

As other family have said, it could simply be that it's been a while, or perchance she needed more foreplay. Whatever the reason, it's probably zilch completely serious. Your best course of action is for her to move about back to the doctor, as individual a medical professional can determine whether it is a serious problem or not. If it is vaginismus, she/he will probably give her some exercises to try--physical and/or mental.

I'll include some user-friendly links that will assistance you understand what might be up and give you some information that will prepare her for a doctor's drop by. Don't be afraid to ask questions!
I couldn't detail you exactly whats wrong, but I it happend to me that after some time of not having sex, when i do it again it hurts, anyway she shoud see the doctor.
If it's be 2 months since you had sex, it could a moment ago be because it's been awhile. Are you sure she be really into it? I would try again before you dance to the doctor and make sure you use lots of lube and foreplay. If it still hurts consequently, maybe travel see the doctor.
You may be thrusting quite truly and hitting her cervix or if her uterus tilts backwards her uterus. Try having her verbs her legs together to limit infiltration just a bit and see if she is more comfortable. Do not use any position where on earth her legs are raised above the stratum of her buttocks. She should also try being on top where on earth she can control the penetration.
She should relax and discern you love !
There could be a lot of different things going on. She may enjoy "tightened" up slightly from lack of sex, although to the point of twinge is unlikely. The most likely scenario is that at hand wasn't enough lubricant, any on the condom you BETTER HAVE BEEN USING, or produced by her vagina naturally. Just cause sure you guys are taking it slow next time and ask her if something is humiliated while you are "doing it". Haha
well first of adjectives you guys are a bit young to be have sex. especially her(16).You might "grow" a bit faster than her. if it continues to hurt then I don`t know you should stop for a while or go see a doctor.

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