My BMI is 17.7...?

and i'm in the 28th percentile, which medium that i'm at a healthy weightiness. do i need a difficult percent to get my term?

i'm 13 and 9/10 months, and i'm 4' 8"
i weigh 79 pounds

If I understand what you be saying, is that you are fit, but do not hold your period on the other hand at the age of 13.

Some questions to ask your mother is when did she and her sisters return with their period? Are the women contained by your mothers family small framed approaching you are?

Genetics has a huge sector in how we physcially season.

Some physical signs that occur in the past you get your time include:
getting hair beneath your arms, in your private nouns and on your legs the hair change;

your skin changes, I don`t know more oily and possibly you have acne;

you grow taller quickly- usually earlier the boys of your age group;

your hips change and you cannot fit your pant anymore but you've not gained substance;

you may get cramps contained by your belly but nothing else happen.

all of these things move before you receive your period and the catalogue of age for getting your period is between 10-17 but most girls bring back their period between 12-15.

Weight does enjoy an influence on menstration, and fat is needed to hold the hormone, estrogen, one of the hormones that aid within the cycle of ovulating (releasing an egg every month). The other hormone is called progesterone.

When you saw your doctor did he suggest you put on some shipment even though your BMI is ok? I would like to see you next to a BMI of 20, so closer to 90 lbs.

If by the time you are 15 and have not have any menstral periods, enjoy not developed any of the secondary sexual characteristics as I scheduled above, you will need to see your doctor and possibly and endocrinologist- a doctor that specializes surrounded by hormones. We have abundant of them in our body.

Take thinking
It has nought to do with counterbalance. Your body is getting ready for it. see back and relax
Well, first of adjectives, no it doesnt matter how much you weigh to win your period! and second i ruminate that you are a little below weight for your age! but afterwards again your shorter, but still i would gain a little cargo, nothing to do beside getting your period, but i of late think that your underweight.
holy crap!! im freekin 12 and i weigh 92!! and ppl voice im anorexic!!
no it wouldn't hurt to gain a couple pounds but i would just hang around. =] but chubbier girls usually get in attendance period previously thinner girls so i would not worry..=]
your fine and your not beneath wight im the same 79
I didn' t receive my first period until I be 14, but I'm sure I was over 100lbs... A friend of mine didn't carry hers until she was almost 18... because she be an athlete... but not just any athlete... one who run cross-country in the topple, ran indoor track within the winter, outdoor track in the spring, and adjectives summer for fun and prep. for the fall. greatly normal.

Enjoy not have it while you can!!
well my BMI is 18 and i own my period.. im 5'2 and 103 pounds.. u probably entail 2 weigh more 2 get it
you're at a fine shipment for your size, and for menstraution. yes, you need to attain a indubitable percentage of body weight to hang on to having a term, but you're not out of that range
You have need of to have tubby in your diet to enjoy your monthly..cycle...i would think alot in the order of that trying to be soo skinny thing..surrounded by the future you will hold problems..a friend of mine..was so bony never ate fat..never have a period..took her forver to enjoy a kid when she finally got in position and it was born next to keep hold of yourself on a good economically balanced diet..its in good health..your body needs eat some apt stuff!
well aren't you lucky i'm 98 lbs :{
If you are at a robust weight- have no strength issues, then you do not hold your period because...
you are not supposed to enjoy your period.
Everyone starts their menstral cycles at different ages. Don't be influenced by your friends or classmates.
As long as you are wholesome, don't worry.
The birth of menses usually occurs between the ages of 9 and 17. you still drip within the norm.
im not proud of this certainty but im underweight.

i am 5"3 and weigh in my oppinon your percentage if dependable.

i havnts started my periods any and im the same age as you exacly!

you are who you are...mortal you, you are avergae weight so your periiod will come!! dont freat!!

Your primed for it

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