For those near ovarian cyst experience...?

I recently spent some time surrounded by the ER due to severe abdominal pain. An ultrasound showed that I enjoy ovarian cysts, apparently the pain be due to one possibly bursting. I did have an u/s done a couple of weeks prior to this to check on a fibroid, it have shrunk. Never had a hx of cysts, ever, so have the ovarian cysts is very exotic to me.

In addition to this, the ultrasound showed that one of my Essure springs have moved out of place surrounded by my fallopian tube.

I was told to follow up near my gyn, so I did call her organization the next daylight... and the day after that. She's usually great about getting stern to me, but I never did hear from her one of her nurses.

I know that most likely I should call for again, but I don't want to seem similar to a pest... though it would be really nice to find out, for sure, if the Essure spring being inconsistent poses a problem. I do have consistent minor pains, I enjoy to assume from the cysts.

You'd call your ob/gyn's organization yet again, right?

Yes. Who care if they get annoyed ? They seem to be to forget, they are working for YOU, YOU are paying, not the other way around. My wife have an ovarian cyst the size of a grapefruit.
Her cyst wasn't even picked up until after 6 months, and only because she insisted on an ultrasound. They thought she be just have "womens problems", and complaining too much. Better to be considered an annoyance than be dead. Just remember who is paying.
Our gyno didn't recommend my wife progress through with the essure, a moment or two glad we didn't.
Absolutely! Keep calling until you get an answer. That's why you wage them-to find out what's wrong with you.
Ofcourse you should!! They can't humiliate patients like that!!

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