Am I close to have it?How do you know for sure?

I have be having cramps terribly now and afterwards. I have hear from my teachers, that some cramps head you into your period. How do you know that your time of year is VERY close to happening?

Periods affect different inhabitants in different ways. Generally if you own had your interval before you can swot to predict when it will happen due to cramps. It have always be a good head up for me. So if you have cramps (especially if they are reasonably painful) then I suggest carrying pad or tampons on your person at ALL times as your term won't be far away!
this , may sound stupid, but you can use a calendar, be in motion to your doctor, and you can start recording your period, its easy, kinda boring, but graceful
honasty u really dont know.

the only article u can do is rest and if the cramps are really bad any try and ice pack on ur lowwer stomache or a fry pack...

personally bake works better for me...
I have a shower that i can lay flat on the floor and lay next to the water pouring on my stomach. and it feel so good!

ALSO bear ibeprophen... (idk how to spell it!)?

it's a blood thinner so it'll help if it is ur spell
if not it'll merely get rid of the cramps!

hope u the best
My breasts achieve extra firm and tender - that's how I know it's coming and sometimes I get a sharp throbbing in my tummy, usually one sided, right before it starts.
maintain track with a calender :]

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