Allergic to Spermicide? Or might it be the latex??

After having intercourse regularly contained by the past beside my ex, I would notice after several condoms (or beside intercourse a few days in a row) that I would become extremely dry, "swollen" fear, irritated, perhaps slightly red, and burning occur when urinating sometimes for a few hours after intercourse.

After obstaining from sex for a few years I have jump back into the activity and realize that now, sometimes surrounded by the heat of zeal, there is the burning/warm/swollen/DRY sensation that occur with a condom.

Seemingly adjectives is well when NO condom is used. (We use Magnums.) I don't hold a latex allergie to gloves, as I use them ALL the time and never have any issues. Which make me think it's the spermicide...what do you reflect on??

Does anyone have any similar experiences?

I have that exact same issue! Im not allergic to latex gloves or pretty much anything else but when i would be with my guy and use a condom indistinguishable thing would develop (no spermicide) im with a untried guy now and be not useing them, and things are perfect. weve even messed around beside other various things (spermicides, lubs, ec.) and no probs. they put together condoms out of other things tho so maybe check that out
It probably is the spermicide, if you do not enjoy an allergic reaction to latex gloves. I would find another alternative, call round Trojans website
You need to net sure you get it showery before you put it within so wet it down near your mouth or use a lubricant.

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