A chocolate desert - i necessitate some relief? is it SAfe?>?

i want to make a chocolate desert. the 1 i am looking at asks for digestive biscuits, butter, sugar, coffee, vanilla extract etc etc
but it asks for 4 four eggs and afterwards it tells to put it within refridgeater for up to 24 hours?

is this safe, is here still the salmonella risk? please help x_:{

This will be in recent times fine. All problems will cook out when you bake the dessert. No worries. Baking breaks alot of rules. I hold a cake that sits on the counter for months, you keep adding up egg and buttercreme, seems approaching it would rot, but it doesnt. Makes wonderful cake.
its safe. i believe. i mean i wouldnt munch through anything i had to not roast with the eggs. or cook once eggs be in them

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