A request for information for any women who have have a hysterectomy.?

I had a hyserectomy a couple of years ago, but I still draw from cramping feeling within my stomach every month, like I used to grasp when my period be due. I thought this was my imagination, so I started to preserve dates of this up, and it is the same time every month. Has anyone else notice this. I am sure it can't just be me.

i enjoy been told that some women still own the cramps they had when they have periods even after the hysterectomy. But if surrounded by doubt check with your doctor.
No, just too glad to get rid of that awareness, and never have experienced anything close to it again!
Did you have your ovaries disappeared in, or a total hysterectomy? If your ovaries are still producing eggs, it could be that you are foreboding...?
Talk to your GP though.
i had my uterus removed second yr. since then i hold noticed that once a month, i touch kinda crampish, etc. i even get a pimple on my chin. surrounded by a few days, the feeling and the pimple are gone. my uterus is gone, but the hormones, etc. that controled the monthly cycle of my body is still within. that is what my drs told me. when you grasp the cramping feeling purloin some ibuprophen and stay clear of cafeinne for a couple of days. see if that helps.
No,I dont bring anything like that,how strange after you have a total hysterectomy.
My aunt's best friend had that and it be that time of month when she should have come on she feel cramps she went to her GP and he prescribed her some sort of analgesic (sorry can't remember the name) and after 6-7 months later she stopped taking the medication and it go.
hmm...not exactly sure...butttt... im not meaning to cause offence by comparing the situation to an animals situation... my grandmothers cat has be spayed *she was a shelter cat*
and she regularly act strange and meows constantly for a period of time resembling she still goes into warmness. ive seen other spayed feminine animals at this way.so i see in your mind`s eye that the hormones or maybe only just even the memory of hormones is still working in your body.cause what feels similar to ovulation pains
i would mention this to your dr

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