Do you take really desperate pms lyk you grain lyk its the cessation of the world!!??

I get extremely depressed in the past my period and tend to cry over zilch. I try to tell myself here is nothing wrong but its lyk my brain argues next to me and says 'no everything is wrong' lol... Once i be watchin pokemon in the morning and something happen to pikachu n i started crying lmao... i was lyk y the eff m i crying but yeh... i disgust it so much!! its lyk major depression...

Wow ur resembling a second me only i don't cry i take really mean everyone say am heartless when am PMS and know to see out till am done they say i turn within to a big *****.
yeah i get moody and depressed for no adjectives reason...
although it does shock me that someone cant spell 'like'
i surface like its the pause of the world when my girl startes flowing, i just wanna run basis she gets denote!!

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