A pregnant woman complains to her doctor that her ankles and foot stay swollen adjectives of the time. Diagnosis?

A pregnant woman complains to her doctor that her ankles and feet stay swollen adjectives of the time. She is very worried something like this. As her doctor, what would you tell her?

I would oral exam her urine and blood pressure. If nothing significant I would suggest to try to elevate her foot and have a lower sodium diet.
If her blood pressure is middle-of-the-road and she does not have headache, then it is probably freshly water retention. I have that with my first pregnancy. My doctor told me to drink MORE hose down. Also she needs to put her foot up as much as possible.
If it is really extreme or there is protien contained by her urine then I would read out preclampsia or toximia. Otherwise I would just articulate the person is drinking to much salt and swelling is commonplace in pregnancy
That happen to alot of women DONT do alot of salt, get hold of your blood check for high blood. Whenever you sit put your foot up. But make sure you agree to a doctor check you because some people develop toxium (not sure of spelling) which make you swell, it is harmful to you and the babe-in-arms.

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