*for girls only*?

ok for my last two period i have be extremely sore to the point of were it hurts to tramp but here's the catch i own no cramps i usually have a cramp free and no discomfort period and it last for 3 to 4 days i am relatively young so i expected for my length to change but what can relieve with my soreness i don't want to hold to lay in the bed any suggestions?

My friend have that same problem, except she gets the misery in surges and they hurt her so doomed to failure she almost cries.
You should probably go to a doctor. She did and it turned out that she have a cyst.
but if you don't want to do that, Drink hot tea, take midol asprin, bc powders anything floats your boat and lay a hot pack or hot damp towel on your pelvis.
Don't clutch a bath! You'll bleed surrounded by the water and its Really gross.
I right to be heard see the doc asap
You need to progress see your doctor as something is wrong. You may have cysts or endometriosis so stir see your doc.
i would take a hot hip bath, and put a healing patch on ur sores
use pad as your tampons maybe to leaky!
try the icy hot menstrual pad the accurate thing more or less is that you can go by the side of with your vivacity and the wrap does not show. try midol extra strength
Where are you sore at,Hon?If it is your vagina,then you probably are allergic to the type of wipe you are using or mabey you need to stop using tampons,if you use them.
I never allowed my girls to use tampons.They are for married women or sexually alive,mature women simply!
I had to quit using them even after i have my kids because they hurt me & did really strange things,like sticking to one side & letting the blood walk past!I have to squirt water up near sometimes to get them loose!
They should exclude tampons like cigarette smoking!
I totally have the same problem don't freight it individual takes somewhat while okay here is the deal when this be happening to me i have cysts on my ovaries you might not have them but that's what it sounds close to to me and my aunt both have them and you'll probably find them throughout your life but eventually they burst and they might grow subsidise but there's a slight chance they wont and if you consult a doctor ask him if this is possible

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