Uhhh kinda embarressing?

do sport tampons work??
anybody use them?
i do dance so i want to wear tampons, and how often do i obligation to change it?

btw i lately started my period today and i live next to my dad.
fun fun

Answers:    yes sport tampons work
i do gymnastics and ballet, so i definately rely on them when i catch my period
if you want recommendation, i use the playtex sport kind- the super size on my heavy days and regular on my lighter days
tampax is a biddable brand as well

and, to prevent yourself from getting toxic shock syndrome (TSS), you should relocate your tampon every 4-6 hours, even though you can leave it within up to 8 hours without a big risk (still a better model to change it every 4-6 hours though)


p.s. i get my first period surrounded by the middle of ballet class- and i be wearing a white leotard with pink tights! consult about embarassing!
i consider its the same as any other tampon, really. and you inevitability to change it according to how immense your flow is. usually in the establishment of your period its much more heavier than at the termination of it..

haha that would be awkward.
sport tampons are almost the exact same as normal ones, so it doesn't really matterr what type you draw from.
if you just started, wear pad first.

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