A pimple to hand inner thigh - chronic??

I had a big lump on my inner thigh close by my vagina from last 3 weeks, the zit popped and adjectives pus was drained out disappearing a deep but small diameter hole (about 2 mm) on my inner thighs. I took a course of antibiotics (as adviced by my father who is a doctor). Now that adjectives the pus has drained out, the wound does not seem to be to heal, every very soon and than blood oozes out of the wound, although the weighty pit which was formed early is now chock-full with pink tissue, nearby is a small opening that keep draining blood sometimes. Is this wound taking a long time to heal becos its located on a region thats constantly moving?? (although i enjoy reduced my workout and walking very much) ... Do wounds surrounded by these mobile regions take longer to make well?? Whats the maximum time it will take up to that time the wound heals completely and stops bleeding? Am really concerned roughly speaking this wound, can someone please tell me whats going on?? I get my whole body nouns done, i dont have diabetes, or BP and surrounded by good condition, am 24.

I would get it check out it could be MERSA, my sister have it. You can have MERCA near out being a delivery service of it. It comes from taking to many antibiotics over the years, sulfur base antibiotics will clear it out. If you do have Merca you enjoy break out s of it everyonce in a while.
If your Dad is a Dr. ask him he should know.

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