Am i at a regular solidity?

i mean my doc said im overweight

cuz im 5'4 and i weigh 145 lbs, and im 15 years ripened

i mean i never considered myself margarine, i always look well-mannered in

and im a dancer, and own a few muscles and calves


Well, if your arm gets caught surrounded by the car door when you slam it, WAKE UP CALL!
sounds approaching you're ok, you're too young to be worried roughly speaking that.
If your doctor says it, consequently I don't think anyone else's belief here really matters. =D
over substance, yes, obease no.

it's probibly a concern to the doctor becuase you're still a teenager, and are potential to pack on 10 or 20 more pounds before you make your 20s.

But they should have done a body rotund % test because you vote you're an athlete with greatly of muscle mass.
The approximot weight for a 5'4 girl depending on her frame ranges from 125- 140. so tecnically u r 5 pounds over substance. but thats an easy loss. Also rember thoug u sed u r muscular. that have a lot to do near it because mucsle weighs more after fat. ;)
Well I'm 14,
I'm 5'2, and I'm 108.
So I don't really know going on for you, but I would listen to the doctor. I'm sure your not fat, they are probably more concerned next to what you eat (I'm a second-hand goods food person too ;) )
It may a moment ago be your metabolism that they are watching.
i dont think u are beacause ur a dancer alot of it will be muscle mass i wudnt verbs about it
muscle wheighs more than flab so if u arent fat and ur comfortable next to ur body u should b fine
well the doctor know best, its really good that you have a feeling secure within your body tho! id read out just lose 10-20 pounds, no more than that, it'll be simple since you salsa anyway, just study what you eat and you'll lose cargo like crazy
You know what I'm 5'3 and I weighted 145lbs and my Doctor said one and the same thing but he be quick to voice its only according to a distance from the ground weight chart that doctors follow i'm pretty muscular and the plane chart is old and leaves little room for muscle (if your a dancer you should be technically muscular) as far as women go. So don't even sweat it its designed to show healthy normal(average) bulk for for your height but it doesn't other apply your doctor should have explained this. Hope I help.
hey girl. its me ur worst nightmare. hahaha. thats so funny. u overweight fatass. thats hillarious. u are fat. fatty mc stout fat. ewwwwwwwwww. 145lbs. im 5ft 8in and weigh 125lbs. u are so freakin tubby. no its not muscle. its ur fattyness. u loser. u are fat. ur obese. not a hundred percent give u some mass watchers coupons dont worry. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...

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