Advantages of brazilian wax?

I am a vergin and I really think that getting a brazilian will manufacture me feel more comfortable during sex. I repugnance hair down at hand and I usually shave but I really want to get a brazilian. the problem is that I've hear it is pretty painful. Is that really true or it depends on a person's aching threshold. Are there any things that I should hang on to in mind past I go. How long does it clutch before the curls grow out and how often should I do it? Please backing is it really worth it or guys just don't fastidiousness?

Advantages? Well, it looks really sexy. It makes oral sex easier and more fun.

Having tresses down there is repulsive. I'd be turn off if I be with a girl and found she be all woolly. My girlfriend get a brazilian every month, but she take some painkillers so it doesnt hurt that much. It is well worth doing =)
it itches...for a long time.
don't do it. you are too youthful.
stay a virgin
Yeah most guys care. Waxing usually later about 4-6 weeks and yes it is unbelievably painful and also you cant be modest at adjectives cause you enjoy to let it adjectives hang out. But on the upside you own no hair and you can avoid have to shave for weeks!
smooth like butter.i dream up as long as you keep yourself pretty economically trimmed men are happy!
we dont really nurture. just maintain neat down near n you're golden

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