A girlfriend have a sexy trail of black spike from her navel to her special place. Do any other women own this?

For the first two years we dated, I didn't even know about it because she plucked it so religiously. One summer she traveled to stop by me, and as she was wiggle out of jeans shorts, I noticed a shrink trail of black hairs overriding down from her navel, making the long trip to her bikini underwear. She saw me looking, smiled, and said in a sweet, soft voice, "unshorn belly!" We stopped dating later, somewhat because she had trouble restraining her desires near other men. I saw her strutting around in a bikini this summer (five years later), and that little trail is in a minute a broad, furry triangle spreading across much of her belly. It even extends up above the navel several inches. I was shocked and impressed, and she told me her boyfriends at the moment think it's cute, so she leaves it.

My put somebody through the mill is, do any of you ladies have this? I'd love to get together a girl w/ such adornment, since a bare belly presently seems so plain, but you can't a moment ago ask someone that question at first encounter! :)

EW!! Gross!! Most women will not own this, because if they did, they usually shave,pluck or, wax it off!! But doesn`t matter what floats your boat. :D
Personally I think that is to say revolting - are you sure "she" isn't a "he"??
This is most often found contained by women with cloudy hair and skin.
eww i enjoy a "happy trail" but no triangle accross my belly. Only from my navel to the pot of gold ingots. i have a tattoo on my stomach next to a pot of gold and a rainbow overriding to the pot of gold motto "taste the rainbow" though. is that sexy ample for u
Other women have this, I don't and I don't want to ever gain it, because it personally is revolting to me too! If it is small it's not discouraging to me, but really big? I would if I had it I would pluck it!

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