Abnormal interval. . . . . . . . . please serve?

i am 16 and my period is enormously abnormal. i usually one and only get it every two or three months. i never know when its gonna come, and i can`t bear never knowing. is there anyway to breed it a little more average. besides birth control because i have talk to my mom about it and she think if she puts me on birth control then i will turn into this whore that freshly goes and have sex with anyone. (even though im a virgin). so any suggestions besides birth control???

Wow, i run into this exact same problem when i was for a moment younger than you. Mothers are silly aren't they?

You CAN go carry your own birth control pills at planned parenthood. Your parents don't own to know as long as you can pay for it yourself. This is what I concluded up doing and my period is practically close to clockwork now (i'd stir 4 months between periods sometimes.. no fun)

You can enlighten your mother how irregular you are and ask her to take you to a doctor.. they might enjoy a hormone replacement pill that isn't birth control that would help to regulate you. I'm honestly not sure if they do, but it's an substitute.
for the first couple around 3 years of your period it can be erregular it is commonplace. i think you should hold on next to it i have tht problem to. I dont know when i gain it you just want to be prepaired have some pad or tmpons in your locker or backpck possibly a purse and then subsequent tim you get your term look for signals i now becuse usully since mine comes i get cramps and perceive like i hold to pee but.. i cant or if it really bothers you go narrate your doctor

good luck
I am using my husbands pet name. My name is Crystal and I go through the same item. I ended up have a medical condition called "Pollysystic Ovaries". The best road that I can get mine to be regular is to scrutinize what I eat. No sugar or carbs. What happen is my body makes to much insulin and I don't ovulate regularly. My problems started nearly the age 16. I am now 25 and wanting to hold a kid. You should go to a dr. presently to make sure you are ok.
It' s usual for young girls period to be irregular. I'm 23 and it's still irregular unless I am on birth control. Regular excersize and a healthy diet are logically important. Stress can affect your term as well but as babyish as you are I doubt that any of those are big problems. Just wait a few more years, it should start to normalize. If it doesn't afterwards your only choice is birth control. I own asked my doctor, but I didn't think the side effects and risks be worth it. I just track my cycles next to a bbt chart. It's fairly successful. Besides, it's better than getting one every month!

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