I can't sleep! :o(

Sorry, didn't get your Q until this morning ... woke up overdue! ;D
I used to have trouble sleeping ... have to take Advil and Benadryl every hours of darkness to be able to dance to sleep, woke up every morning with a headache. And I'd still get up up in the darkness.

THEN . I quit drinking my one cup of strong coffee in the morning. No more headache. No more trouble going to sleep. No more waking up within the middle of the night. No more stomach ache. No more mood issues. When I told my doc about it, he ALMOST considered necessary to give up coffee, too!

I miss coffee. But not that much!
Me neither.
Neither can I, try Ambien
I own been have exactly the same problem. I hold lay in bed trying to clear my mind and not verbs about sleeping to see if that help. Lavender is lovely to smell while you are in bed and chamomile tea help with relaxation (only I can't stand the stuff personally)

Yoga earlier bed can really help slow down your mind and wear out your physical body past bed.

Good luck sweetie I know how it feels as I haven't be sleeping well for months very soon
If this happens regualry you may want to try kalms sleep.. they are pure. and help you sleep..
I must agree beside you...thanx for 2
well its 9pm here and im tired as but to relief you out when i cant sleep i drink cammomile tea...really calming and relaxing
me too
i can't sleep more that 3 hours at hand days
i don't know why
I'm really tired
try this. after evening try to avoid cola items and used to drink milk. when u going to sleep wash ur legs near pure water and try to sleep. not reason about anything
me toooooooooo

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