"Hair" Question?

This is regarding vaginal spine. I shave down to a point, but it badly itches and and soemtimes stings when I shave. I'm terrified to shave all of it stale (I have before) again, because it burns and itches so feebly. What can I do to stop this itching if I want to shave all of it?

I'm deathly afraid of wax.. so it's not an option.

1. Make sure you use a unmarked, sharp blade.
2. Use small strokes.
3. Clean the blade with hot hose frequently.
4. Use hair conditioner instead of shaving foam. (Places similar to Lover's Lane sell a product bid cootchie that is equal thing and intended for this purpose.)
5. Be sure to follow the shaving beside a skin conditioner. There are many in a minute on the market to support keep bumps from forming. I simply use an alcohol wipe, which does sting a bit, after follow up with a skin toner I use on my facade.

Hope that helps!
There's a product call Bikini Zone that is a gel/cream that you apply after shaving to hang on to away razor bumps and itching. That brand also make a shave gel that helps like mad, too. You can get both at the drug store.
powerfully waxing is the best prospect,and if u get the right approach to do it it is not SO painful
You should put preparation h on the nouns you shave. It stops the inflammation.
try a beard and mustache trimmer. they have guards that allow you to choose the length lately like a shaver, plus they are cordless and smaller, easier to use :)
some women shave it adjectives of some dont shave it at all. Medicaded itching cream can aid. Hygene problems can cause itching and buring generate sure to shower and wash ur "area" every sunshine.

hope this halps,
well unfortunatley for profoundly of womem, when you shave any pubic hair it unsuccessfully itches. for the burning u could put some moisturiser on it or maby even use shaving cream

good luck
red_cherry17 xxo
You could newly cut it with scissors--you needn't bring back rid of everything--just the bikini line and the hair that you could see through your swimsuit.
shaving badly irritates the skin, it itches so much because the pelt grows back straight away near sharp edges as you 'cut it off' mid way through the curls, and besides who wants 'stubble' down in that? Don't be a ***** (pardon the pun) and get a wax - you'll NEVER step back to shaving. No shaving every 2 days.

What are you afraid of, the twinge? I'll bet you've had a worse headache
Try using an electric cut-throat or using lotion or cream after you shave to sooth the itching and burning.
it will always be extremely sensitive, receive sure to use shaving cream and lotion afterwards. And don't worry it get better with time!!
Trimming fleece before you shave, and soaking contained by warn wet before shaving will backing soften the tresses and prep the skin, making it easier. Gels are better for shaving than foams, as well. Moisturizers minister to, but you have to find a meek one so as not to further irritate your skin.
You can try a hair removal cream--along the bikini procession only--and just trim the remaining curls.

If you feel resembling shaving gives you the best results freshly make sure to exfoliate past and after. And moisturize frequently. Both will help next to the itching.
1. It should be the last article you do in the shower. Your skin will verbs from absorbing the water. It should be at most minuscule 10 minutes under thaw water.

2. Only shave every other morning. Exfoliate the opposite days. Try St. Ives Apricot Scrub. This is probably the most far-reaching part to remove the unmoving skin cells that will lead to ingrown hairs and irritation.

3. Make sure you own a sharp razor, polite lubrication.I use oatmeal shampoo, and rinse the blade often.

4. As soon as you dry sour, put on a low alcohol lotion or moisturizer. Lotions containing lots of alcohol will sting and irritate the skin.

5. Stripper Trick! Put a thin vein of Secret deodorant over the skin (only the upper part, not in actual fact on your vaginal area) The unscented is best but any will work as long as it is secret.

6. Do not hang about more than every other day to shave as it will pul the skin and inflict inflammation.

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