Afraid the blood will budge trough my pant?

I do tae kwon do and there I enjoy to wear all white...I am other afraid that if i get my time of year that it is going to show!!

Put contained by a super-absorbency tampon right before practice. You should be fine. You can other sit out if your period falls on a practice daytime. I always a short time ago want to grab some jammies, chocolate, and a perfect movie to cuddle up to!!
If you wear tampons then also wear a panty liner or a regular wad also!! Go to a thicker tampon also!
one word tampon
Do the "double protection"= tampon and a thin maxi wad. I have never have both of those things fail me.
tampon+panty liner=WOOHOO! itll be ok trust me
anyone a guy here, does not thosse tampon things go up surrounded by side enough to hold any leakage, befor it get out.
Wear a "super" or "super extra tampon. If you're still worried, do what the other ladies said and put a panty liner on as well. Your tae kwon do class can single be a few hours anyway, so you shouldn't leak through adjectives that in that amount of time!
den u use a tampon
you could other wear a pantyliner if you know when your period is going to come. Other sagacious wear a tampon and a pad.
Put a tampon on urgently before you walk to tae kwon do.
Wear a suoer tampon and change it right previously and after class. You might also want to wear a pad or liner for extra protection. (they own a playtex sport tampon that is supposed to provide lots of protection during physical activity)

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