After how various months should you find your thyroid checked?

On meds for Hypothyroidism. Had it checked 1 month after started with meds. When should I hold it checked again?

After the correct dose is found, have it checked every 6 months. Before that time every 6-8 weeks. If you are not sure your dose is correct, assume it isn't.
Call your doctor who prescribed the medication and request a follow up so you can ask him/her roughly speaking how often you should be checked. Any thyroid condition is a serious thing and though the board is a nice feature it should not be used for serious robustness issues. For health issues please please see a doctor.
Did'nt your doctor inform you?
If you are feeling economically and are'nt having any symptoms of it, I guess a per annum check-up( bloodtest) is the right thing!
usually its checked every 6-8 weeks until you are on the optinsl dose, after every 6 months to a year after that. Make sure you always try-out first thing contained by the morning because TSH changes throughout the daylight and you want it tested near its large point.

Also, know what your numbers are, as most feel best near a morning TSH around 1.0

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