About Masturbating issue...?

Well shockingly i found that my friend does this for 2-3 days in week to quench herself...but her que is wil it affect her later vehicle after marriage or will it head to increase of breast size if she hands on them too regularly... i am clueless abt this issue plz help her ...

No impair will come. But when someone said masturbation will cause eye problems I said I will do it until I inevitability glasses.
2-3 days! it generally just take me 5 mins
No No No and NO.Nothing bad can occur from masurbating...its normal and clean!
this a normal stir that everyone does. I cant see how this would affect her unless she did it like 10 times a daytime every day. I'm sure it is importantly unlikely that it has anything to do beside breast size either.
What a ridiculous put somebody through the mill. Why are you shocked that your friend masturbates? It's perfectly colloquial and normal to do it. It will own no effect on her breasts or affect her marriage. My push for to you would be to try it yourself you'll enjoy it.
Masterbation, next to both women & men, is a perfectly everyday function of the human body. U won't go blind, ur foot turn numb, or any other such thing. Practice make perfect!
no evidence to suggest it will enjoy any effects either positively or negatively on after that life
It will not affect you surrounded by marriage. If anything, it will enhance the experience once you are married, because after she will know her body well satisfactory, so that her hubby can begin doing it for her. Talk something like a rush! (My wife can "O" in roughly 5 min every time when I do this to her - that would have never happend have she not known her "hot points").

As for the size - to be precise a myth. Just like getting wart on your hand or growing tresses on your palms - all a MYTH!
People divide into two camp - those who think that maturbation might do something horrible to them and those who utter it is good fun and you own not to get worried.

There truly is an in-between. If you are masturbating adjectives the time, it is a disaster if it is as a substitute for having a middle-of-the-road relationship. It is wrong to become psychologically dependent on it. Some people do, but not frequent.

Second, you would expect a doctor who touched you there to enjoy clean hand and so should anyone who masturbates.
~I had to read your grill twice to understand the query. If I'm right, she masturbates 2-3 times a week? And you think that her touching her breasts will trademark them larger?
Men masturbate all the time, why should it be any different for women? This is not shocking to me. She's not hurting anyone, and she's enjoy herself. I find it highly doubtful that it would affect any matrimonial she may have within the future.
Touching her breasts will not increase their size OR end their size.
Happy masturbating. =)~
It may help getting orgasm at the time she is have sex. Breast- may increase in size but may hang down to. But this much self handling proly will not affect much.Anyway, there are no desperate effects. Frequency is also not much. She will be OK.
Breasts don't grow from handling. Masturbation is normal and will not affect you adjectives sexuality or fertility. These stories are old fashioned tale to try and stop people from masturbating because it be thought to be sinfull. It is not sinful at all. It is devout and natural to relish your own body.
It will not affect her in any path.
She only does it 2 to 3 times a week?
Not vastly much at all...
It is nourishing and good to masturbate, and can NEVER take home her pregnant.
It will not affect her breast size
Masturbating will cause no bleak things to happen, you should delight in masturbating without any guilt or regrets. It one and only makes you get the impression good.
She is ordinary and there's nothing to verbs about

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