AGH! MORE CRAMPS! [period]?

im miserable. whatta i do? HELP MEEEEEE my lower stomach hurts so bad! agh! i cant nick it! MIDOL DOES NOT WORK! i cant think straight. someone pleaseplease comfort. and im 12! i get diarhea it hurts so impossible

You poor girl. I used to have like peas in a pod problem when I was younger. My period were so doomed to failure that I missed school and work and couldn't even gain out of bed. I had diarrhea, leg cramps, final cramps, stomach cramps, headaches. If you be older I would suggest getting on birth control. After I get on the pill my periods be much better. I hardly have any cramps at all and my period only last a few days instead of a week. But since you're twelve, try this: take 2 Pamprin first item in the morning beforehand you start getting cramps. Aleve is also pretty good for cramps. At home, carry a heating wipe and watch tv or something while it's on your stomach. A hot hip bath will also help relax your uterus. If zilch works and you're still miserable, see if your mom, or mom-figure will take you to the dr. they can prescribe you something specifically to facilitate you with your anguish. When you;re on your period try not to drink caffeine because it can aggravate the agony. I hope this helps you sweetie. Good luck.
you may enjoy endo. You should talk to your mom and gain checked out by a gyno. It may seem mortifying, but it may save you a great deal of pain to grasp it checked out. I have taken birth control pills to serve my cramping. I wish I have gotton help when I be a teenager, I missed alot of institution because of cramping.
In this situation, u must rush to the ER. Good luck!
Hi Sarah, I answered your previous question on cramps if that will aid any.
My guess is that you have Primary dysmenorrhea.

Here's the knit;

Rub your tummy and put a hot water bottle on it, and own a good lay down on your bed.
sounds close to me when i was your age. I go to the gyno when I was 12, cramps from the terribly first period. They put me on birth control pills, it help. Tell your mom to bring you. I've lost jobs and missed alot of arts school because of cramps and the only entry that help be Ortho-Tricyclen, you can even get a low dosage. Good Luck!!, I remember those days, and it sucks, I be aware of for you.
Rush to the ER oh please. Cramps are normal so is diarrhea. I used to seize cramps midol helped some you could try Advil or Tylenol. Try and heat pad if adjectives else fails ask your Mom to bear you to the doctor maybe he or she can prescribe something stronger for the headache. What is happening to you is commonplace I promise.
You are to young for endometriosis. I merely answered a similar question similar to this. MY best friend used to pass out because the cramps be so bad. Back next, there be nothing except Midol which didn't help out her either..Now even manly MD are more compassionate toward women with this problem. Ask your mom to rob you to a female GYN. She will be more empathy of your problem and there are mild twinge meds for people resembling you. Please don't wait. We hold all be through it, not as bad as you maybe, i know I was, but you will find your not alone, Many several women go through this, please, see a MD. Your mom should know in the region of this as soon as possible. By the way, endometriosis usually occur in women 37 yrs and elder...This is the average age. I was that age when I get it so bad, I have a hysterectomy. This is what my Nursing Dictionary says. "Cramps, call dysmenorrhea, occurs typically within lower abdomen or posterior and is crampy, coming in successive top caused by intense uterine contractions. Pain usually begin just prior to or at the beginning of menstrual flow and lasts up to a hours of daylight or more, but it may persist through the entire length in a few women. Pain is associated beside nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea with intestinal cramping"
So it seem you really need to see an MD. Good luck
Oh how I remember the horrible dull pain month after month from my period. I missed alot of conservatory and work, something many didn't twig but it looks like others on here hold gone through the same point I did. My heart goes out to you.

Midol never help me so I started using Premsyn which not only help some with the cramps but it also help to get rid of that "blue" reaction that would hit every month. You must start taking them two or three days BEFORE you are due to start for it to work efficiently, though.

Another entry that may help some is to exercise right up to that time you are going to start. That helps to stretch the muscles since they have much break to contract alot and it also builds up testosterone in your system which help to lower the pain.

The basic thing that help me was warmth. Get a heating wad and with the setting on low, curl up on your side beside a blanket over you and go to sleep. By relaxing as you rest and letting the grill work on your abdomen, it will comfort to eliminate the strain.

You also want to limit saline and caffeine intake about a week formerly you start because both can add to your problems. Stay away from aspirin because it will runny your blood and make your blood runny and it will be harder to control accidents (or so I found after a couple of accident in lofty school).

I also think you are too childlike to have endometriosis since your body hasn't have time to develop those problems yet and even though birth control can lend a hand with this, I wouldn't be too rushed to start on those at your young age.

Birth control or any other synthetic drug can raison d`¨ētre damage to your body, especially if taken for a long interval of time so try to handle the affliction by following the above steps until you get elder.

No need to travel to the ER unless you are hemorrhaging. This is a part of individual female and we've adjectives gone through it at one time or another. You might have your mother rob you to a GYN and see about strain pills that you take the start of your period.

My first time was other the worst then I leveled out after that and the other days be tolerable. But when I got elder, the cramps went two and three days at a time ~ that's when you may own endometriosis or fibroid tumors but if you go to your GYN regularly, those are things you can stay higher than so don't neglect your every twelve months checkups with the doctor.

And a bit of suggestion from my mother to share with you. Most potential, when you have your first child, the cramps will walk away because the muscles and uterus will have be stretched from carrying the child. It did for her.

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