8th time of my length.Normal?

Help me!!

A period can ending as long as 8 days. If you are bleeding excessively heavy, are tired or listless, or have dizzy spells, go to the doctor. If your time goes ancient 10 days, see your doctor.
Yeah!! I'm usually on my period for eleven days, so don't verbs.
Not fair! period last at smallest 5 days and at most 7 days. Go see a Gyno.
it varies within people, Some citizens may have period in 4 days, but others may enjoy it for 12 days. so that is faultlessly normal.
Typically a extent lasts around 5 days. Some finishing longer, some last smaller quantity. If you're worried, go see a doctor. If you are anemic you can bleed longer, since your blood won't clot. This happen to me when I was younger, and it be nothing serious. But I did walk to the doctor to have me checked out.
There is no number of days set within stone for any woman to have her length. I would not worry roughly speaking 8, 10 or even 12 days so long as it is not continually "heavy"
Normal. Your just unlucky sorry to speak! Mine are only 3 days long as a rule but my sister usually has them for 8 to 10 days so im sure Your fine
Mine are usually around that length. In some cases, they can ultimate for several months... not to say it's run of the mill, but it does happen. I've even hear of someone having their time of year for a year straight, with the occasional days of spotting.

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