34,28,36.is this overweight?

is it??

It depends on your height and your stature (body build). In standard I would not think those numbers be fat. I used to be 34, 24, 36 and I weigh 120 at 5'3" which made me a size 7 clothes. Now I'm no longer blessed to be that size. But such is life =0)

Don't fixate. Just go for thriving. Get moving everyday and try to eat a capably rounded meal 3 times a hours of daylight with two small snacks between.

Good luck!!
I option I were that margarine!! You are not fat.
no, i don't deem so. guess you have to see the height above sea level and overall built too.
r those bmi numbers?

Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater
YES OMG YOUR HUGE. Seriously shut up, nobody wants to hear you whine almost how 'fat' your perfect body is. Try lately having a little one and not being competent to loose that weight, and enjoy annoying little girls want to have the in one piece world boost their confidence by telling them theyre not stout because there not a size 2. It annoying and sad and get a go! You don't weight over 170 pounds so quit bitching- I am working my *** rotten to get inwardly 20 pounds of your weight so quit complaining in the region of what others are dreaming of!
NO. What do women NOT understand that if they dont look butter they ARENT fat. its simple. im sick of answering question on ByeDr.com :

I'm 12 yrs old. I wear a triple zilch. I weigh 84 lbs am i fat? OMG AM I REALLY FAT?
you substantiate yourself based on answers you recieve from yahoo? how heartbreaking.
Honestly It depends on what is hight of the girl.

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