"Invisble periods" enjoy any other women here have them??

Okay my cycle is irregular and when I don't get my extent I have what I christen invisible periods. There is no bleeding but I still own pms and sometimes cramping or sharp pains in my pelvic nouns. What could this be? I am FREAKING out!!!

I have see you ask other questions in relation to pcos so I am going to assume you have it or hold symptoms of it.
With that in mind at hand are several reasons why you may be getting these pains and you should really see a doctor. The irregular cycle alone warrant a doctors visit.
If the doctor blows you sour because maybe you aren't trying to conceive at the moment be insistent or look for a foreign doctor.
The pain could be from cysts on your ovaries, fibroids contained by the uterus or a number of other things.
Be proactive and pushy beside the doctor if you have to be!
OMG! I hold had these too! lol

I other wondered about it...I will star your ask.
That happens to me too and I don't know why...
you should progress on the pills to regulate your periods. Go see you MD. Good luck
i have them just a couple of weeks ago. its not an invisible spell, its just preparation for ur typical time. my period is irregular too, and i have them like 2 weeks ago. its a short time ago ur body responsing to "changes" in ur body. but im solitary 13 so mine probably happens because i of late started puberty. it depends how old u are
I be wondering about that.. I other have irregular but I would be surrounded by pain adjectives day long but no blood. its unexpected !
I get cramp when I am not on my term and get really discouraging mood swings then wehn I enjoy my actuall period a few days latter I'm fine! wow at least I'm not the with the sole purpose one
I get them too, I own no Idea what they are, but I am only 16 and seize them really bad, I thought I have some gahlbladder or kidney thing going on. And today It get so bad I could scarcely walk. But close to within a week after that my period starts so it could freshly be an early word for your period.
My elder sister is like that, she would walk like 6 months lacking a period but still cramp and grasp moody at least once a month. When she get on the pill her period regulated itself but whenever she stops taking the pill for a few months it go back to irregular. She go to an endocrinologist to have her hormones checked, I don't know exactly what the doctor have said except that she would still be able to gain pregnant in the adjectives. I would go to the doctor and ask roughly speaking checking your hormone levels and in the order of getting on the pill. It's healthier to enjoy a period every month than an "invisible" one.
They are not invis. period. They are not even periods... nonetheless. Since it is irregular it is most likley pms... don't worry if you perceive fine when you have your extent. It just is smaller number pain later but you deal near it earlier because of pms.
Stress and dehydration can raison d`¨ētre this, but if it happens normally, you should see your doctor.

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