What does a swollen chest mean?

I didn't want to be too specific in the question as I don't want too many pervs looking at this and possibly answering!
I'm not sure where to ask, besides going to my doctor, and that's embarassing enough as the receptionists insist on knowing all details before making an appointment!
This probably sounds a bit dumb, but both breasts have become quite tender over the last couple of weeks and my nipple are constantly enlarged, as though they're really cold or something. Normally I'd not mind if it was just for a while, but now it's been ages and they're hurting I don't know what it is or how to make them go down.
Does anyone know why they'd do that?
The only idea I have is that pregnancy causes it, but I had a period 3 weeks ago and since then I've fooled around with my boyfriend but he didn't, erm, release anything in me. Is it possible to become pregnant even tho he pulled out just before? How long would it take for breasts to grow larger if that were the case?

You could possibly be pregnant. Or you may have troubles with your hormones.

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