14 days PMS two days unpunctually?

well i hold had PMS for 14 days very soon and I'm 2 days late for my spell and well is this mundane I'm 12 and am a virgin

You might have something else going on that is to say simular to pms! Maybe you are some what deppressed or something! If it is that bad and you a moment ago cant feel better I would articulate to talk to a parent or aunt or something and conceivably even go to a Dr. and speak to them roughly speaking how you feel ect. Also it is not extraordinary to be late on a time here or there! If you start to constently be deferred on your period and or hold other problems with it such as weighty bleeding ect.You will NEED to see your doctor! Dont feel doomed to failure or embarrassed! Just discuss to whoever you are comfortable with that bearing you can start to feel better soon! If you own anyother ?s or need someone to speech to Email me anytime!
Sometimes it happens but if it continues wish advise from your mom and see your physician. I reflect on it is early to enjoy PMS at the age of 12. Any way, see your doctor.

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