I just got my period last month and I haven't gotten it for a month and one week?

I am 14 and I only had my period once (cause I just got it) and I haven't had another one for one month and seven days, I have a history of diabetes in my family, does this mean I have this too? (I am a virgin!)

It's normal for your period to be irregular for the first few years, but if you continue to not have a period, you should go talk to your family doctor. I was like that too, but I only had three periods between the time I started (14ish) until I was 16 and they discovered I have Polycystic Ovarian Disorder. But you should just wait and see with this one and don't get freaked out, you're probably fine
I wouldn't be concerned. Wait a bit more, and if nothing happens, talk to your mom or doctor.
when you first get your period...you won't be on schedule for a while. it could even be a year.
this is natural. It happens to me sometimes. You should check with your mom or see a GYN doctor right away if it doesn't come for other week.
it takes awhile for your period to start regulating. You could go to the doctor and get put on birth control to start regulating it. But don't expect it every month from the very beginning.
This has nothing to do with diabetes I would imagine, Diabetes would be an inbalance of sugars. Most likely, your body is just coming late. Every girl has a different cycle due to stress, hormones, or genetics. So don't worry about it, it will come eventually.
when i started my period i went 40 days until my next one and my freind went 4 months! its normal your period might not be normal for the next 2 years!

sorry dont no much about the diabeties
relax, your hormones are evening out, they might be doing this for a few years. This means you might have 2 periods a month, and next month be 2 weeks late, they might be painful or you might be more moody than usual before and during them. As for the diabetes ask your doctor and watch your weight.
The first couple of years that you have your period, it will be irregular. No, this has absolutely nothing to do with diabetes. You may not have it again for a few months, or you might have two in a month. your body is adjusting to it's new hormones and it will take time to smooth out. Talk to your mom, or aunt, friends mom... if you have questions or are scared. I'm sure they will happy that you came to them.
being that you just started they maybe irregular at first give your body time to adjust to what is happening to you . your fine if your worried about diabetes talk to your parents and get tested.:)
Dont worry sweetie, its definitly normal for you to experience irregular periods your body is going through changes.. Your hormones are out of whack and it make take awhile for your periods to regulate.. Hope this helps!
Don't worry, you body is developing and you may see that your cycle will be somewhat irregular for the next few months. Every woman has a different length of days in each cycle and i know that mine are different each month!

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