Am a virgin but can i be pregnant after my boyfriend rubbed his penis on my vagina for fewsecondsbutdidn squit

ihavent seen my extent yet and am so worried.but could i if truth be told get pregnant since hedidnt even ejaculate on me.please serve am so woried

It is mathematically possible, but very unlikely. The fluid that a man dribbles back ejaculating can contain sperm, and even if deliver to the labia (lips) of the vagina, they can make the trip up and surrounded by. However, the chance of at hand not only self sperm present, but being therein ample numbers and with adequate strength to make it adjectives the way home, is really, really tiny.

I am guessing that you are technically young. Women who are pretty new to their time of year (say up to age 20 or so), can have especially irregular periods adjectives the time or just presently and then. Your body take years to get into a regular cycle (in reality some women never get regular periods). This is far more imagined for you here, rather than one pregnant.

You (or a friend) can buy a home pregnancy test at any drug store. If you don't take your period soon, draw from one of these and use it.

In the future, please use a condom if Mr. Happy is going to be anywhere close at hand your vagina. It might be best if you stick to other activities similar to petting or oral sex until you're more sure of what you're doing. In any case, don't consent to ANY of his semen near your vagina whether it's by course of fingers, penis, or passenger pigeon...
Have fun, but PLAY SAFE!
Ed, RN
Why don't you stupid kids get adjectives before you travel fooling around with your boyfriends? We don't involve anymore devil kids running around. And yes, you can get pregnant from pre ejaculation though next to no penetration there's a slim uncertainty. Keep your legs closed you stupid kid.
It's very massively unlikely.
yes, there's always a possibility because of pre-ejaculatory fluid. Please be smarter and more responsible subsequent time, sweety. Good luck.
It's possible.
yea you can, becuz there is a % of guys who own sperm in their pre-***!
There is sperm contained by pre ejaculate, so yes, you could get pregnant from him rubbing around your vaginal first performance. Please be smart about how you are going to torment and play and use a condom the next time he requests to "just rub it."
yea its possible soo subsequent time get him a condom stupid!
yeah theres a possibility. if you dont want a kid you prob shouldnt be doing this kinda stuff, and unambiguously since you didnt know that you can get pregnant, you dont know much, atleast know back you do it, jeez
I dont think you are pregnant. But I focus your boyfriend must be really pissed
No, no way

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