How does the Nuvaring work?

How does it stay inside you? And can the man feel it when you hold sex? Will it hurt him? It just seem weird to me. And how long do you hold it in nearby before taking it out? Then when do you put a latest one in?

Let me start by maxim that i simply LOVE the nuvaring! Its been next to me since 06 and will be with me for reasonably a while!

Now, the ring is a small clear plastic coated device that is bendable. You put it surrounded by on the first day of your term (or the sunday of the wk youre expecting your period) by bending it and inserting it (like a tampon, kinda, but much more comfortable). You can feel how flexible it is by playing beside it on the website.
It conforms to your insides, mine kinda rims around my g-spot (no pleasure though, sorry!). I never can feel it if its surrounded by right. If not, it mite cause some type of discomfort, jus play around near the positioning of it til its comfortable.
You leave it surrounded by for 3 wks straight, no taking it out, no changing it, no backup method of bc, adjectives that wonderful jazz. If it slips out for a minute, jus rinse it off and pop that sucker right stern in and return with it poppin! But if its been out for more than 3 hours, this throws past its sell-by date the rhythm, so u wanna use a backup method of bc til the ring has be in place for 7 consectutive days.
After your 3 wks are up, throw the ring away (anywhere, u dont enjoy to recycle) and have your length. Starting off, your cycle might not fit excactly surrounded by with your ring cycle, but eventually they will clash up perfectly. Youll verbs the ring out, and 3 hours later, Heres Aunt Flo! But that take a few months... Any who, that wk im not sure if u need a backup, but i used 1 anyway 4 the first few months. After that wk is up, on sunday, put contained by a new ring, and the in one piece wonderful process starts all over again! (even if your still bleeding >o<).
As far as sense it during sex, hmmm... Most claim it doesnt interfere at all, but at hand are always exceptions. My later boyfriend couldnt feel it at adjectives, no matter the position. However, he wasnt NEARLY as 'big' as my current guy ... WHOA! lol. sorry. But he say that he can feel it, especially surrounded by doggy style. Now, for the most part, its not a problem for him. He say it actually feel good. But contained by doggy style, it beats his 'head' up a bit... Still loves it though!
I HIGHLY recommend the nuvaring to adjectives women interested in birth control. My experience have been simply wonderful, and i've experienced merely minor side effects, such as bloating and being a bit cranky around the time of my term. The ring requires daily attention. You accord with this item 2x a month! And you can get down wit ur man anytime, anywhere (under water)... interminable possiblities! Happy humping! XD

e-mail me with ne more question, id be more than blissful 2 help!
You insert it and push it adjectives the way to the back(as gaping as it can go). I don't think the man can perceive it but I have if he go that deep. Won't hurt him. Be discreet it can come out with the guy during or after intercourse, but you enjoy 3 hrs. to insert it if that happens. You preserve it in for 3 weeks. Example:You insert it on a monday at 9a.m., 3weeks latter take it out on monday at 9a.m. resign from it out till the following monday(even if you still are on your cycle insert it on that monday). Hope this is helpful:)
Basically the Nuvaring is a low dose form of birth control within the shape of a ring that slowly disperses hormones. It just sits inside your vagina but I never have a problem with it coming out so don't verbs. It doesn't hurt during sex either. I enjoy heard some general public say that it pops out during sex sometimes but next you can simply put it back surrounded by. One ring stays in for 3 weeks and afterwards you take it out to enjoy your period and put a untried one in after the week is over.

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