26 yr outdated wife have mild lower right belly niggle for 3+ mo. It's not UTI or appendix. What else could it be?

She's been on birthcontrol for a few years. She be checked by a Dr. for UTI and appendix, and it is neither. She has an ultrasound programmed in a few weeks. The distress is not there surrounded by mornings and increases in the evenings do a dull annoying sensation. The Dr. didn't have a feeling anything on the ovary but we were told it doesn't suggest it's not a cyst. Could it be endo, or a cyst? The pain is close to the right hipbone.

Liver and Gallbladder are mostly contained by the Right Upper Quadrants not Right Lower, you should not rule out appendicits. Definitely, get her stale the birth control and it can probably be kidney stones, ovarian cyst or maybe even cancer. You enjoy to consider all the possibilities that can turn out from right lower abdomen stomach-ache.
have her rota another appointment with the doctor for further conducting tests. this cannot be diagnosed online.
anxiety or stress. It seems to me she should relax more, if the distress sensation occur contained by the evenings.
check the liver
it could be her gallbladder. get the doctor to look at it.
did doc check her cheek bladder? my sister had to haver hers out around that age
I could be many things, if your regular doctor is not sure move about see another doctor. The best thing for her is to see another doctor ASAP.
It could be any of the two that you mentioned. Most likely a cyst and if it is nearby isn't a lot that they can do. If it is endrometriosis they can do surgery to remove some of it depending on where on earth it is and how much. If she doesn't have children however or does and wants more be incredibly very assiduous because anytime the go contained by and mess with womanly organs fertility rate goes down. Good luck
You should seriously receive it checked out pronto. It could also be hernia. (I don't think I spelled it correctly.)
It could be one of the two things you mentioned or several other things. Here is a symtom checker that you can copy and paste. You are probably going to purely have to skulk for the doc though.
If there is a heavier than typical blood flow, go to your ob-gyn and enjoy a blood pregnancy test run. I had an ectopic pregnancy beside a lot of spasm in my right side. Drs. can do excellent work nowdays if it is anything resembling a tubal pregnancy. Say prayers and remember to go to that appointment.
I have this same problem and doctors couldn't figure it out for almost 4 years. I get ultrasounds, MRI, but nothing. I have 2 ER trips and the last one FINALLY told me that the spasm were cysts that kept bursting, and the fluid inside the cyst get trapped in my hip bone. The hip bone creates almost close to a sling of some sort, and holds the fluid. The irritation from the fluid on the bone causes discomfort/pain. If she is on birth control, she might want to check into Yasmin BC, because the hormone level in that birth control relief prevent the cysts. Hormone level fluctuations be the culprit in my travel case. I hope your wife feels better

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