A sign that you are in the region of to get hold of your term?

i have only just gotten a white discharge after like 1 time of clear, is this a sign that i am about to take my period? cuz i quality like its roughly speaking to come, buts its lagging it

It in actuality sounds like you may hold a yeast infection. Thats usually what a white discharge indicates. i would buy some over the counter stuff before it get worse.
i dont remeber getting that when i was something like to get my extent.

just fuzz, b o, ect..
sounds like it
see if you enjoy a yeast infection it might be a sign but sounds like a yeast infection coming on
capably go to a doctor it might be more than laggin' it bring sumthin' wit it resembling a (baby ) i'm playin' but it might just might be bringin' sum wit it step get checked out

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