I enjoy small boobs =[?

ok i have this item called SMALL BOOBS! and it sucks. 15 years frail. does anyone recomend pills or creams/lotions? do they even work?? thanks!

Okay, I get the impression like a dirty weak man here but you need to hear this from someone who have been around for a few years.

This boob item is blown all out of proportion, no pun intended.

There's nought more ridiculous looking than a girl who looks like she basically stole a pair of melons from the vegetable stand, trust me. These loudmouthed macho guys who whistle and shriek just do it to generate noise, they really do prefer a middle-of-the-road sized girl. that doesn't look like she's going to crash down over from the extra weight.

A is okay, B is better, C's the categorical limit if you're at most minuscule 5'5" or taller....forget the rest, they're ridiculous. And another thing, when you're a guy that's making out, there's zilch like instinctive.....

And forget the creams & lotions, the only population who benefit from them are the creeps taking advantage of misguided women.
its ok to enjoy small boobs. you just hold to let them grow when they are arranged. and it depends if your family have small boobs well, you might be one of them
You are one and only 15 and still growing. I would consider myself one of the lucky ones to have small boobs. Small boobs hold definate advantages. When playing sports they won't flop all over the place and go and get in your instrument. Big boobs are so annoying.

Look at your mom. Does she also have small boobs? If so later this is probably how you will turn out. Don't fret, when you get elder if you still have small boobs and still perceive the same bearing you do now you can next do something about it. It's call plastic surgery (Breast Enhancement).

Be happy for what you've get girlfriend.
i have small boobs too and it sucks! i antipathy being around my friend who have C size boobs. but look on the bright size. if you have small boobs it customarily means your skinny because your boobs are made of flab tissue
i have no boobs does that take home u feel better =)
more than 1/2 of us enjoy small boobs. wen you go to the shopping precinct of anything, if you look around you rarly see a grown woman with small boobs.

they will grow.
I cannot stress this adequate, the smaller the better!
All have advocate in favor of smaller boobs, hope u quality better. If still you want to do something- exercises like swinging arms surrounded by circle,(like skipping) and circular massage next to olive oil will sustain. It makes pectoral muscles prominent, so like boobs look bigger , naturally. At matching time you feel fit. Good luck!
No they a short time ago have to grow readily and in due time they will

Your solely 15...
There are two ways to get bigger breasts:

1. Breast implant.
2. Puberty

If you're already going through #2 then newly chill. You're only 15 and your breasts will verbs to grow into your 20's.
I'm 16 with small boobs. Just revise to except it... this is the body you were hand over so why should you change it. If guys don't resembling you because your boobs are small just dawdle until you find a guy who is good plenty to look past that.
You are still growing... Be lucky you own small boobs cause big ones draw from in the means of access and sometimes they may attract more attention then you really want. Plus it's easier to find shirts and cute bras for small boobs...
There are not pills creams or lotions that will work. Plus you are still childish so they will keep growing. I be a b cup my freshman year of high university, and now, a moment ago four years later i am up to a DD, so believe me, they never stop growing. Just be lenient and savor your petite time while you still have it.
I'm a 23 year prehistoric female, I started as a 34A..or smaller..and I stumbled upon bravabreasts.com, I emailed the girl and certainly got her to lower her inventive asking price, so that was great! I wore the system for 6 months, almost everyday for I don`t know 30-45 minutes each time. I finished up gaining an entire cup size, which for me, be seriously an answer to my prayers! I've ALWAYS wanted a bigger chest, and I finally get it. I'm satisfied! I guess I wouldnt mind going slightly bigger, but I'm a small girl, so it might look irregular. Anyways, I really think anyone should contribute it a go...it's cheaper than the tangible Brava and better and safer than surgery! And now, since I get such good results, I'm a vendor of these machines as well...hence the first name. :o) You should give it a try until that time you risk your life near surgery or creams, etc.
I wish I have smaller boobs.
If there be such a way I would tender u some of mine, lol.
I really wouldn't cause u are a immature lady and hold growing to do and I really think that your bust row will naturally grow near you age.
That will look the best on you, Natural.
Hold on to what u have and u will with ease get what u want surrounded by years to come.
be happy that you enjoy small boobs ! atleast you know they won't be saggin down to your knees when you're 40 !
go ask mom shell twig

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