A Health give somebody the third degree around my mon?

This question isn't roughly me it's about my mom, she have been have health problems for yesteryear 3 months now and be to the doctor almost every other week. Her symptoms are she has shortness of breath, she can't pick up her breath. When she got sick her doctor told her that it be bronchitis they gave her antibiotics but it did relieve she went rear legs and they told her she had whooping cough and asthma and give her an inhaler, they have done every considerate of test on her x-rays, MRI's, she have gone to an ear, nose and throat doctor, and they found a tiny palop contained by her throat but that shouldn't cause her remaining symptoms the doc have said. So I am asking all of you who might own any ideas on what can relief her or if there is anyone out in attendance who has have this same problem?

I think she desires a physical. But until then she should look at her diet. If she is intake poorly ( junk food, fried foods, over processed foods) she desires to change that. She should also reflect on about consuming probiotics since she be on a course of antibiotics.

Sounds like she may hold allergies that are causing her asthma issues. Has she see an allergy specialist? She should be checked for allergies.
I am so sorry
look for other doctors - get a second assessment

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