Although stemcell research is a hot topic,could they regeneratenerve and braincells?

the question is specific,anyone really know?

Until moderately recently it be believed that we didn't produce new neurons as adults. However, we immediately know that the adult brain can produce exotic neurons. However, this is a long way from a energizing treatment. There is a lot of work going on using embryonic stem cell. If you go to the PubMed site and do a poke about for "neural stem cells" you'll get something like 5600 references to current irrefutable work. Because different neurodegenerative diseases involve different areas of the brain and neurons with different characteristics, different types of cell will be necessary to treat different conditions. As might be expected, the spirit of the particular neurodegerative disease will engineer certain diseases easier to treat (at lowest possible at a theoretical level). For a few conditions, such as Parkinson's disease, nearby is hope - but a treatment is still quite a few years out.
Stemcell research is not a hot topic. Mass producing embryos to verbs for their stemcells is a hot topic.
yes, if they would let them do the research on them
merely for the record, NOT adjectives stem cells are embryonic skip-jack. Our bodies produce stem cell through our entire lives. Do some real research. And yes, that work is already surrounded by progress in medical research labs. They hold already been competent to repair a severed nerve surrounded by mice.
Adult stem cells enjoy been proven to provide treatment for an prosperity of diseases and injuries, but cures from these cells are still surrounded by the process of being discovered.

Embryonic stem cell, on the other hand, enjoy promised no benefit to treatment or healing of any condition. In certainty, when injected into laboratory subjects, they have cause tumors and other abnormal growths.

So as far as stem cell go, grown ones are most, and really the only, promising cell.
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