What does "Transpedicular" parsimonious?

I have to write an essay nearly vertebroplasty, and I've been reading files and they talk around "transpedicular" and "extrapedicular" approaches for putting the needle surrounded by. Can anyone please explain what this means, and what the different is between the two.


Transpedicular approach = plunger that injects the cement enters the vertebral body by bearing of the pedicle (small portion of the vertebra that essentially connects the body to the posterior laminae) first.

Extrapedicular approach = needle go directly into the vertebral body. This is considered more dangerous because it increases the accidental of cement leakage and is usually reserved for cases within which the pedicles are diseased, e.g. tumor
transpedicular: A surgical approach carried out through and inside the pedicle of a thoracic vertebra to reach a thoracic disc lacking requiring retraction of the spinal cord.

extrapedicular would be outside the spine such as a halo or other external structure. Check out the connect below it has pictures.
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