Ambien CR Alternative?

I am currently prescribed Ambien CR 12.5mg for sleep for insomnia...being that they give the impression of being work (will usually get 5-7 hours sleep) I am wanting really bleak to stop it due to cost and don't want a dependancy. I have be on it for about 2 weeks and want to know if anyone have taken this and/or would know an alternative to help. I hold a bottle of Melatonin 3mg, has vitamin B-6 as powerfully. I have going on for 4 Ambien CR left and the certainty that 15 of them cost us $62, the Melatonin or anything that works the same better is looking attractive. Please, any minister to is much appreciated, thank you in credit.

you can try generic ambien... and at a lower dose (which would be 5mg)... but i agree with the previous personage who said benadryl. it's otc, much less expensive, and carry a lower risk of dependency. (though all sleep aids transport a risk!) benadryl is the sleep ingredient in tylenol pm... you can win generic diphenhydramine 25mg and try 1-2 at bedtime.

( I have ambien CR but can't run it...and regular ambien no longer works for me...)
1. Lunesta
2. Seraquil (don't know the spelling but a pharmacist or doctor will know what you're talking about)
3. Xyrem (spelling questionable as well)

All are powerful sleep-aids next to 3 being extremely potent and regulated.
Why be you originally prescribed Ambien by your doctor? Usually it is only prescribed for short period of time so the doctor may feel you won't inevitability it after a few weeks. I also have problems sleeping and haven't found an alternative for the Ambien, although I am presently trying the generic Zolpidem Tartrate, which I actually presume works better and it's less costly. CarolSandyToes1
Regular Ambien's (5mg & 10mg) generic be just released... You might want to try that. As far as dependencies move about Lunesta might be the best route, but the price is very similar to Ambien CR... Restoril is also another likelihood with the generic temazepam. All of these can be addictive so curb the use of such sleep aids.

Hate to say it but fluent solutions like melatonin and herbal supplements are not what they are cracked up to be but if you hold a positive attitude it may work due to the placebo effect.

A good OTC route is to try benadryl which is contained by tylenol PM and advil PM.. but you can find it in near the antihistamines if you just want benadryl.
I am also on Ambien CR and it take a big bite out of one's budget. My dr told me that there is a generic for plain Ambien and that the difference is CR will hold on to you asleep for 4 hours and 45 minutes, the plain generic Ambien doesn't claim it works that extra 45 minutes. Wal-Mart has immensely cheap generics...
there could be some over the counter aids.ask your doctor.or pharmacy
first rotten someone suggested taking seroquel. i recomend that you research everything for yourself before you turn taking someone else's word (that includes anything i might have to say). serowuel is a highly strong mood stabilizing / anti psychotic drug, that would cause you more problems than give support to you.

i strongly suggest valerian root. it's great at relieving stress and tension! you can capture it over the counter and it's a great sleep aid! if you have one of those "race minds" or "i can't turn my head sour no matter how tired i am" later this will definitely comfort. you can find at your local grocery store in the pharmacy or herbal remedy subdivision. start off taking 500-1000mgs, 30-45 minutes until that time you go to bed. very soon you can get this stuff surrounded by capsule form and it's 100% not detrimental (my whole kith and kin has be taking it for years and our family doctor in fact recommended it) however the only downside is that the more potent the brand your taking the stronger the smell. and this stuff smells AWFUL! but it's worth it. inwardly 5-7 days you should notice a concrete change contained by your sleep.

WARNING! i strongly do not suggest that you take Tylenol PM and booze, within any form or combination. the main ingredient within Tylenol PM and Advil pm, or benadryl for that matter is diphenhydramine. here's what happen when you take it:
You can hoof it into a drugstore and choose from an array of sleep aids, offered without prescription. The foremost ingredient of over-the-counter sleeping pills is an antihistamine. Antihistamines are generally taken for allergies, but also sort you feel tremendously sleepy. Common over-the-counter sleep medications are Sleep-Eze, Sominex, Nytol, and Unison; they contain antihistamines such as:

diphenhydramine hydrochloride,
diphenhydramine citrate, or
doxylamine succinate.
In broad, over-the-counter sleep medications are not a pious choice because they:
Are not intended for long-term use.
Interfere with mental alertness during the daytime, so you should avoid driving and other similar tasks. You may also be at risk for falling asleep
Reduce the quality of your sleep by reducing time you spend surrounded by deep sleep.
Use over-the-counter sleep medication only for transient or short-term insomnia and within conjunction with change to your sleeping habits. Be sure to money attention to your body’s physical response to these sleep medications.

also look at the links on the website i've down they also have some appropriate remedies! and don't be afraid to do your own research.

I hope this helps!
Bynadril and advil PM. I embezzle both at the same time when im not taking ambien. Advil PM is more sleepy meds contained by it than tylonol PM does. Also liquid bynadrl(childrens) seem to work faster and better. Of corse you need to clutch more than a child takes though.
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