ATTN: People who enjoy used Lovenox or Coumadin..I own a quiz for you.?

I just found out today I will be on blood thinners the rest of my life span. I am currently on 5 mg of Coumadin daily. However, I have lovenox injections jointly beside Coumadin in the hospital until it took effect. My examine is, would you rather enjoy the Lovenox injections or Coumadin pills for the rest of your life?

I know the shots hurt approaching anything but they are weight base and your INR doesn't constantly jump around...I also hear that the injections are safer (not sure if that's true).

Pills are better to order that injections. However, you should be having regular blood exam to check your INR and to make sure you dosage is correct. Lots of things can effect coumadin (warfarin) and increase your probability of bleeding such as taking medications such aspirin (salicylates) and co-trimoxazole and lots of other medication as well as alternative medication such as chamomile, green leaf tea etc. You should explain to your doctor about what medication and alternative therapies you are on and keep watch on carefully for any side effects of coumadin which include bleeding, bruising, black tarry stools, bleeding gums, red/orange urine etc and report these to your doctor.
i own been taking coumadin for 10 years,never hear of lovenox.
I'd much rather swallow a pill than procure an injection in my belly every hours of daylight!
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