Are incomming CT surgeons finding that position opportunity are sparser and a lesser amount of?

Just wondering...

To an extent, yes. This is due to the general drop-off surrounded by cardiac surgery with better medication, increased stenting, etc. I'm not a cardiac surgeon, so I can't say beside good confidence, but here's an interesting article that you might find interesting

Granted, it's a few years old, but still must be somewhat true. The rest of the site probably have some good articles, possibly some more references to the flea market nowadays.

My gut notion though, is that the situation is going to change, within that we have better medication, but we have a fast aging, more fat population that's going to call for surgery. In addition, stenting have a definite role but is probably done too frequently, if the New England magazine of medicine article is any clue.

I would natter to CT surgeons in the corral, though. They would give you the best hypothesis.

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