3 sturdy put somebody through the mill from a complete moron?

How long will you survive
a) without hose down and food b) without river, but you have food
c) you own water, but no food
on average I know that how long you can survive is also base on weight

a) roughly a week, maybe two
b) same as "a"
c) give or take a few a month...you can survive a surprisingly long time without food.
a) as long as Terry Schiavo.
b) close to Terry, only a couple of weeks...
c) months, I don`t know four.

Most people don't touch like intake when they don't have dampen. That's why after awhile people near rabis and hydrophobia just eventually quit ingestion altogether.
If the food has sufficient sea content, indefinitely, though you may eventually develop kidney trouble.
if you not eating the food of the spirit, you really consequently are dead.some said this,"man does not live by bread alone. he also live by the other food we hugely much need during our low -sound sleeps.".and thats getting into the 7th rings of the world.(the accriditions level.the height where we win that spirits food..try it (8),can you live without sleeping for 7 days?
Your wishes are air, marine, food, in that charge.
How long you can survive depends on more than your weight, (reserves). It also depends on warmth.
At higher temp.s wet needs are soaring.
At lower temp.s energy, (food), desires are high.
A- 1-3 days depending on environment and flurry. (Longer running in a desert, shorter sleeping contained by a rain forest.)
B- It depends on the food. If the food have a high sea count, you can survive forever (fruit, sauces and soups). Eating nuts and Beef Jerky, about 4-5 days
C- Depends on round reserves, but somewhere between 3 and 6 weeks. Longer if you were in good health to begin near, Shorter if you are anorexic.
General Survival rule of 3 - 3 minutes without Oxygen, 3 days short water, 3 weeks lacking food.
Hope this helped.
a) roughly speaking three days
b) about three days
c) 4-7 days
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