Becoming a doctor within Australia or UK?

I was wondering if a graduate of a US high-ranking school could be agreed into a UK or Australian college then medical arts school.

I really want to live in the UK so if I procure in somewhere surrounded by Australia then after medical academy can I go practice within UK.

I do not want to do college and medical school surrounded by the US because I figure I will be surrounded by debt for so long after that , that by that point I will already have roots and will never vacate.

So what do I need to do.

I cant speak for the UK, but Australia...

The requirements for entrance vary from one state to another. I will use the University of Melbourne as the example. As an International student you will necessitate to have your local high-ranking school diploma as resourcefully as taken the ACT or SAT. Melbourne Uni requires a VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) for local admissions but can use your diploma, Xscripts, and SAT score for an equivalence rating. Also you will need to find a private loan to attend, you will not be eligible for the HECS or HELP programs. Aussie Med Schools are not the U.S. model of undergrad, later med school. They are a combined program near six years of lecture, followed by the standard intern, residency programs. more hurdles you might need to overcome are Visa requirements, work limitations, housing, day by day living expenses . Be aware that even in Australia "Med School" placement is constrained and very competitive, as an international student even more so. Also Depending on the program you choose you may be required to work for the Australian NHS to assistance repay the country for your training.

Good Luck
For an international student in Australia, this association may be helpful.
I'm sure that an United States soaring school graduate could be standard into a UK or Australian college. Best bet would be to contact those schools you are interested contained by.

As for medical school, I would ask a couple different ones something like their admission policy. Whether you enjoy to be a citizen or if it matters where on earth you get an undergraduate amount.
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