Does anyone know.?

I was lately wondering if anyone knows approximately how long it take to become a radiologist... meaning the DOCTOR... after you seize your X-ray tech degree? gratefulness!

Your X-ray tech degree don't plan jack. sorry, but it doesn't if you want to be a radiologist. You have to seize a four year bachelor's degree followed by four years of med university followed by another four years of residency.
xray tech is about 2 yrs so probably put in another 4 yrs onto that
college the 4 years of medical school. One year of internship and 4 years of residency. Even more if you want to do a fellowship and specialize within a subspcialty of radiology.
A radiologist is a medical doctor who's specialty is radiology. Very, very few radiologists started as x-ray techs (I did work beside a radiologist who went to medical institution after working as a x-ray tech for a few years). X-ray techs do not go to medical conservatory. And future radiologists do not step to x-ray school. It is approaching asking how long it takes a nurse or physical psychoanalyst or phlebotomist to become a doctor. Or how long does it take a dental assistant to become a dentist? They are not related within that sense.
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