A website that can enlighten you the side effects of taking certian medicine together?

i want to know the side effects of taking biotin, minocycline, addrall, && yasmin together.

YES i have read the instructions and the dos and donts.

but i dont enjoy time to set up 3 different appts with my doctors immediately and ask them abt it.

I don't know of a free one personally, but at our pharmacy we use clinical Pharmacology. I would merely call your pharmacy, and ask them. They should know how to give you an answer if, I would change pharmacies.
Side details: some antibiotics can interact with and breed birth control medications more or smaller amount effective. Also your pharmacists will across the world have more experience beside medications and most question should be easily answered by any memory or a few reference materials. That is what Pharmacists are within for.
this isn't something to research on your own ask your doctor or pharmacist
First:The doctor that prescribed the medicine should be capable of tell you adjectives the side effect you might encounter.
Second:Your pharmacist should give you print out of adjectives the side effect.
Third: You should be able to dig out on line by purely typing the name of the prescription and side effects
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